The Vision

Life Defi is an ecosystem of products focused on making Decentralized Finance (DeFi) useable for a mainstream audience. At the center of the Life ecosystem is the Life token, the key to the LIFE ecosystem, which plays a vital role in staking, wallet functionality, retail purchases, bank transfers, and debit card transactions.

Our vision is to bridge crypto with everyday transactions in the real world, while adding the simplicity of username identification and versatility of a multi-chain wallet.



Big Dawg Crypto (Patrick Andras)

Michael Gord (Large)

Michael Gord

Board of Directors
Michael Van De Velde

Michael Van De Velde

Joaquim Miro

Joaquim Miro

Ryan Stobie

Ryan Stobie


Max Tortola



2024 Q3 & Q4
2024 Q1 & Q2
2023 Q3 & Q4
2023 Q1 & Q2
  • Securities Integration
  • Investment Products
  • Identity
  • Life Launchpad
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Validation
  • Staking other Protocols
  • Yield Farming
  • Life News
  • Life Pay
  • Dapp Browser
  • Wallet Connect
  • Platform Integration(s)
  • Lending / Borrowing
  • Life Debit
  • On/Off Ramps
  • Daily Tasks
  • Life Airdrops
  • More protocol integrations
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Dapp Browser
  • Embedded Web Browser
  • Bitcoin Support
  • More Layer 1 Integrations
  • Multichain Swaps
  • ENS / Domain Support
  • Fiat On/Off Ramp
  • Life Debit Card
  • Lending / Borrowing
  • Android Wallet Launch
  • IOS Wallet Launch
  • Username Registration Launch
  • Web3auth Integration
  • LIFE DEX Swap
  • LIFE Anonymous Swaps
  • LIFE SDK (External Integrations)
  • More Layer1 (MATIC, AVAX, BSC, FTM, etc)
  • LIFE Charity Actions


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