Life Defi Wallet & Freename

Life and Freename Partner to Bring Web3 Domains to the Life Defi Wallet

Life DeFi, a leading decentralized finance ecosystem with a multichain decentralized wallet, bridge and staking platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Freename, a company specializing in decentralized web3 domains. As part of the partnership, Life DeFi will integrate Freename’s top-level domains (TLD) into the Life DeFi Wallet, allowing Life users to purchase and use web3 domains natively in the Life DeFi Wallet.

Under the terms of the agreement, Life DeFi will provide ongoing support and potential follow-on integrations for Freename’s TLD domains, including integrating them into the upcoming NFT marketplace being added to the Life DeFi ecosystem, and their staking and bridge products. Meanwhile, Freename will provide technical support to integrate and resolve the domains into the Life DeFi Wallet. In addition to this, Freename is providing the exclusive use of the .life TLD name for Life DeFi.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Freename and integrate their TLD domains into the Life DeFi ecosystem,” said Michael Gord, one of the owners of Life DeFi. “This partnership will allow Life users to easily purchase and use web3 domains, opening up new possibilities for decentralized finance and creating a more user-friendly experience. In addition, Life users will all be able to add .life to the end of their existing usernames to create web pages that are web3 native”

In addition to the integration of TLD domains, Life usernames and Freename Domain names will be useable to send digital assets between users of Freename and users of the Life DeFi Wallet, further expanding the potential for decentralized transactions.

“We’re excited to partner with Life DeFi and offer our TLD domains to their user base,” said a spokesperson for Freename. “Our mission is to create a decentralized web that is accessible to everyone, and we believe that this partnership is a big step in that direction.”

The integration of Freename’s TLD domains into the Life DeFi Wallet is expected to be completed in the coming months, with further updates and features to be added over time.

About Life DeFi Wallet

Life DeFi Wallet is a highly secure and multi-chain, non-custodial wallet that lets users transact digital assets via username. Users can swap Life’s native token for hundreds of different digital assets, on/off ramp fiat, and buy and sell usernames and NFTs through a native marketplace. Life DeFi Wallet is on track to be the most utilized app for all individuals engaged in crypto. Learn more at

About Freename

Freename is a company that specializes in decentralized web3 domains, allowing users to purchase and use web domains that are not subject to censorship or control by centralized authorities. The company’s mission is to create a decentralized web that is accessible to everyone, and to enable true ownership of online identities.