Life Usernames now Available in Multiple Currencies

Life DeFi Now Accepting Tether, BNB and Ethereum, in addition to LIFE as Payment Options for Usernames

Life DeFi, the decentralized platform making defi easy for retail investors, is pleased to announce that it now accepts Tether (USDT), Binance (BNB), Ethereum (ETH), and LIFE as payment options for the purchase of usernames. With these new payment options, users can now easily and securely purchase usernames on the platform using their preferred cryptocurrency.

In addition, Life DeFi has announced that 100% of the revenue generated from username purchases made using Binance, Ethereum, and Tether will be used to buy back LIFE from the open market. This move demonstrates the platform’s commitment to creating long term utility for the LIFE native asset and for its users who are supporting building a stronger community around the platform.

“We are excited to offer our users more payment options for purchasing usernames on the Life DeFi platform,” said Michael Gord, CEO of the GDA Group of Companies. “By now accepting Binance, Ethereum, Tether, and LIFE, we are making it easier for users to access our platform and take advantage of the benefits of decentralized finance. We are also committed to supporting the LIFE native token and building additional utility for it for our users, and this program is just one way we are doing that.”

Life DeFi is a decentralized platform that allows users to claim unique usernames and access all decentralized finance tools in a single easy to use platform, using their preferred branded username. By leveraging blockchain technology, the platform ensures that usernames are secure, unique, and owned by their rightful owner. Users can also earn LIFE tokens by engaging with the community.

To purchase a username on the Life DeFi platform, users simply need to navigate to the “Username Marketplace” and select their preferred payment option. The platform will guide users through the payment process, ensuring a seamless and secure experience.

About Life DeFi: Life DeFi is a leading decentralized finance platform that provides access to all DeFi products for retail investors including staking, bridging, self custody, lending, swaps, and more. Life DeFi aims to democratize finance by providing accessible and transparent decentralized financial services to everyone.