Life DeFi Wallet Added to the Google Play Store

Life DeFi Wallet Added to the Google Play Store

Victoria, Seychelles, Jan. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Life DeFi Wallet, a non-custodial digital wallet service, is now available on the Google Play store, making it the first multi-blockchain wallet in the world that allows users to make digital asset transfers to usernames. This represents a vast improvement over the use of complicated public crypto addresses that have long been the standard for blockchain-based transfers. It also creates new use cases and value-creating opportunities for businesses, users, brands, and more in a wide range of industries and verticals.

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Life DeFi Wallet is formally part of Wallet International, Ltd., a spinoff company of the GDA Group of Companies. GDA International (formerly known as Assets International), a vertically integrated financial technology and digital asset capital market advisory company, recently acquired the assets and IP of the Life platform and will spearhead the growth and expansion of the service.

According to Life DeFi Wallet Founder Patrick Andras: “The Life DeFi Wallet platform streamlines the transfer of digital assets to usernames and reimagines what is possible in the digital assets space. By making it easier for users to participate in this new and exciting industry – which includes everything from crypto assets, utility tokens, NFTs, metaverse assets, and more – we hope to lower the onboarding and implementation hurdles that currently stand in the way of the mass adoption of cutting-edge blockchain-based technologies and bring fast, secure, and simplified asset transfer services to a global audience.”

Michael Gord, the CEO of the GDA Group of Companies, said: “GDA International connects institutions to an exclusive suite of blockchain technology opportunities and related advisory services. Life’s DeFi ecosystem and digital asset transfers to @usernames represent a huge leap forward for the blockchain space and users and industries of all kinds stand to benefit from this new functionality. Life – which is now part of GDA’s Wallet International, Ltd. subsidiary – is changing the status quo and promises to be a core underpinning component of a wide range of products and services yet to come.”

Life will be offering incentives to users for registering their usernames so that they can quickly and easily receive digital assets via simple and straightforward @mentions. This development comes after the Life DeFi Wallet team reopened public registrations after they were temporarily put on hold when over 10,000 new usernames were registered when the username reservation system was first launched. Life DeFi Wallet now has the robust backend needed to manage large-scale registrations. Coupled with the launch of the Life Android app on the Google Play store, the Life Crypto team expects thousands of new users to join the platform over the coming days.

To learn more about the Life DeFi Wallet @usernames or to download the app on Google Play, please visit or download the Life DeFi Wallet app on the Play Store here.

About GDA International

GDA International provides digital asset companies with access to growth capital, as well as capital markets advisory services that help stakeholders navigate the digital asset landscape. The GDA International executive team has experience that spans the entire blockchain industry including venture capital, private equity, trading, token economics, token development, and multinational enterprise to digital asset partnerships.

About Life DeFi Wallet

Life DeFi Wallet is a highly secure and multi-chain, non-custodial wallet that lets users transact digital assets via username. Users can swap Life’s native token for hundreds of different digital assets, on/off ramp fiat, and buy and sell usernames and NFTs through a native marketplace. Life DeFi is on track to be the most utilized app for all individuals engaged in crypto.

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