Life DeFi Welcomes Ryan Stobie as VP Operations

Life DeFi Welcomes Ryan Stobie as VP Operations

Life DeFi, a leading force in decentralized finance (DeFi), proudly welcomes Ryan Stobie as its new VP of Operations. Stobie, an esteemed entrepreneur, investor, and advisor renowned for his global network and extensive experience in the tech sector, joins the Life DeFi team with enthusiasm and dedication.

Ryan Stobie’s background as a growth-focused business development manager in the tech industry, along with his vast connections in Silicon Valley, Canada, Latin America, and Asia, brings a new dimension to Life DeFi. Stobie has successfully launched and scaled sales teams across diverse sectors, achieving revenue milestones exceeding $40 million. His expertise spans early-stage product adoption, go-to-market strategy, and a strong commitment to environmental stewardship, making him a perfect fit for Life DeFi’s vision.

Life DeFi is excited to have Stobie on board, leveraging his experience and passion to further the platform’s mission. His strategic insights and global network are anticipated to drive Life DeFi’s operations, contributing significantly to the platform’s growth and success.

Michael Gord, one of the owners of Life DeFi, expressed enthusiasm about Stobie’s addition, stating, “We are delighted to have Ryan Stobie join our team. His proven track record in airdrop management, business development and growth, aligns seamlessly with our mission. We are confident that his expertise will play a pivotal role in our journey to bring decentralized finance to the masses.”

Life DeFi, committed to innovative and sustainable financial solutions, is poised to make significant strides under Stobie’s leadership.