Life Wallet Integrates Fantom Blockchain to Bring High-Throughput Cross-Chain Capabilities to Users Around the World

Victoria, Seychelles, Dec. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  Life Wallet, the world’s first multi-blockchain non-custodial digital wallet service, has integrated the Fantom blockchain to bring unparalleled speed, enterprise-grade security, reliability, and an expansive suite of dApps and digital assets to Life Wallet’s rapidly expanding platform. The development was overseen by GDA International, which provides digital asset companies with access to growth capital and financial advisory services that help stakeholders navigate the digital asset landscape.

Fantom Blockchain

As a fast, high-throughput open-source smart contract platform designed specifically for digital assets and decentralized applications, Fantom is recognized as a game-changing pioneer in the crypto space. Using a consensus algorithm called aBFT or Lachesis consensus, Fantom allows developers to build peer-to-peer applications without having to create their own networking layer. This allows Fantom to power near-instant transfers that are secure and scalable. The platform is also Ethereum-compatible.

With over 200 dApps already deployed on Fantom – from DEXes and cross-chain bridges to yield optimizers, NFT platforms, GameFi applications, wallets, and more – Fantom’s new integration with Life Wallet represents a huge step forward for Life Wallet and the broader blockchain ecosystem as a whole.

Life Wallet has streamlined digital asset transfers, making it possible for users to send and receive such assets using simple @usernames in place of complicated public keys. This will help to onboard new users into the blockchain and Web3 spaces and significantly reduce the adoption hurdles that currently face users in the digital assets space. As part of this initiative, the Fantom Foundation will reserve the @Fantom and @FantomFoundation username’s within the Life Wallet application.

According to Life Wallet Founder Patrick Andras: “From Curve and Sushi to 1Inch and more, Fantom powers some of the most recognizable and high-impact dApps on the market. Thanks to our recent launch of username purchases and simplified digital asset transfers made possible via @usernames, we are powering a new wave of innovation and use cases for users across the crypto, blockchain, Web3, and digital assets spaces and Fantom’s capabilities built into our multi-chain architecture will add security, reliability, speed, and depth to our offerings.”

Michael Gord, the CEO of the GDA Group of Companies, said: “Life Wallet is the first multi-blockchain wallet in the world to offer the ability to make transfers to a simple username. By creating a functional transfer bridge between blockchains and adding the performance-focused capabilities of Fantom, Life Wallet and its username functionalities will be a game changer for both retail and enterprise concerns in the future.”

Life Wallet’s integration with Fantom comes days after GDA International (formerly known as Assets International), a digital asset capital market advisory company, acquired all of the assets and IP of Life Wallet with plans to grow and expand the service as Wallet International, Ltd., which will operate as a subsidiary of the GDA Group of Companies.

The GDA Group, Life Wallet, and Fantom are setting the stage for delivering meaningful advancements for users in the areas of convenience, value generation, and outreach in a wide range of industry verticals. To learn more about Life Wallet’s suite of services, how to obtain your personal @username, or for the Life Wallet project roadmap, please visit

About Life Wallet

Life Wallet is a highly secure and multi-chain, non-custodial wallet that lets users transact digital assets via username. Users can swap Life’s native token for hundreds of different digital assets, on/off ramp fiat, and buy and sell usernames and NFTs through a native marketplace. Life Wallet is on track to be the most utilized app for all individuals engaged in crypto. Learn more at

About Fantom

Fantom is a high-performance, scalable, EVM-compatible, and secure smart-contract platform that is built on the Lachesis consensus mechanism. This makes Fantom a leaderless, asynchronous, and byzantine fault-tolerant Layer-1 blockchain protocol that delivers fast transaction speeds, low transaction costs, and deterministic finality. This is achieved while remaining permissionless, decentralized, and open-source. Learn more about Fantom at

About GDA International

GDA International provides digital asset companies with access to growth capital, as well as capital markets advisory services that help stakeholders navigate the digital asset landscape. The GDA International executive team has experience that spans the entire blockchain industry including venture capital, private equity, trading, token economics, token development, and multinational enterprise to digital asset partnerships.

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