Life Defi Wallet Integrates the Avalanche Blockchain to Include it’s Mature DApp Ecosystem, Scalability, Seamless Exchange, and New Capabilities to its Rapidly Growing DeFi Ecosystem

Built for the development of custom blockchains, subnets, and powerful smart contracts, Avalanche and its rich dApp ecosystem will bring rich new use cases, capabilities, and financial opportunities and services to the LIFE ecosystem.

LIFE, the cryptographic digital token that powers the LIFE DeFi Wallet suite of financial services products, has integrated Avalanche, a leading Layer-1 blockchain protocol, to bring a wide range of new dApp development and DeFi-focused services to the LIFE ecosystem.

The LIFE token powers staking, retail purchases, bank transfers, and other functions and transactions on the LIFE network. It was recently listed on Ledger Live, a leading provider of digital asset investment and management tools. The LIFE DeFi Wallet, a non-custodial digital wallet service, was also recently listed on the App Store, making it one of the first multi-blockchain wallets in the world available on iOS. It is a multichain product that supports many of the leading blockchains, including Binance, Polygon, Fantom, in addition to Avalanche.

The LIFE DeFi Wallet allows users to make digital asset transfers to usernames. By enabling such transfers to usernames instead of complex crypto addresses, LIFE Wallet aims to bring new users into the blockchain and Web3 spaces and will substantially lower the many adoption and implementation obstacles that stand in the way of true crypto adoption for millions around the world. LIFE’s integrations first with Ledger and now with Avalanche in place also help in this regard, and LIFE is perfectly positioned to connect millions of new users to the rapidly growing Web3 and blockchain-based financial markets via LIFE DeFi Wallet’s suite of financial products, services, and applications.

Late last year, GDA International (formerly known as Assets International), a vertically integrated financial technology and digital asset capital market advisory company, acquired all of the assets of the LIFE DeFi Wallet to grow the product suite. GDA International will also manage the growth and integration of the LIFE DeFi Wallet throughout the GDA International business ecosystem.

LIFE Wallet Founder Patrick Andras commented on the integration with Avalanche by saying: “LIFE’s vision is to build on the simplicity of username transfers and the versatility of our multi-chain wallet to close the gaps between crypto and everyday transactions. LIFE offers one of the most competitive single-asset staking platforms on the market, flexible earning and time-period options, secure and audited smart contracts, and access to a large and growing user base. Now with our new partnership with Avalanche – a leading Layer 1 solution for decentralized app development and scaling – we hope to press forward with the development and rollout of even more high-performance and value-added services for our users.”

Michael Gord, CEO of the GDA Group of Companies, lauded the partnership between LIFE and Avalanche and talked about the benefits of the LIFE token by saying: “LIFE has created a wide range of high-performance services and applications that simplify verification, reduce complexity, and provide users with true ownership and control of their digital assets. This is at the heart of decentralization – something that is at the core of the Avalanche project. With Avalanche’s X, P, and C chains that facilitate transfers, validation, and contracts, as well as the team’s extensive experience in dApp development and the rich Avalanche ecosystem, the synergies between Avalanche and LIFE can dramatically improve and enhance the efficacy, scalability, and outreach of our still nascent DeFi industry. We are excited about the opportunity at hand and look forward to working with both projects toward these shared goals.”

LIFE DeFi Wallet is quickly becoming the self-custody wallet of choice for new DeFi users around the world, and it also provides hassle-free transactions, an intuitive UI, full user control, face ID authentication, high TPS, NFT subscriptions, scheduled payments, and advanced staking services, all of which are secured by LIFE’s audited smart contracts. With the new partnership with Avalanche in place and with earlier rollouts to Ledger Live and the App Store already bringing on new users, LIFE is as committed as ever to providing comprehensive digital asset access and services to users around the world.

Follow these links to learn more about the LIFE DeFi Wallet and to read about GDA International the GDA Group of Companies.

About LIFE DeFi Wallet

LIFE DeFi Wallet is a highly secure and multi-chain, non-custodial wallet that lets users transact digital assets via username.  Users can swap LIFE’s native token for hundreds of different digital assets, on/off ramp fiat, and buy and sell usernames and NFTs through a native marketplace. LIFE DeFi Wallet is on track to be the most utilized app for all individuals engaged in crypto.